From the Director's Desk

Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies (XIDAS), Jabalpur, is one of the educational institutions that come under the umbrella of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), an organization that is internationally acclaimed for excellent educational service. XIDAS is owned and managed by the Madhya Pradesh Province of the Society of Jesus. XIDAS aspires to contribute to nation building in accordance with the Constitution of India and the vision of the Society of Jesus.

The mission of XIDAS is to form and promote a just society by empowering the poor and the marginalized. To attain this objective the Institute trains men and women from grass-root level to the Post-Graduate level and forms them to be men and women for others.

It may amount to stating the obvious. Obvious though it might be, it is still worth stating for often times, we miss the obvious. It is a time-tested truth that education and development go hand in hand. No education, no development. Having realized this truth, we at XIDAS, are engaged in providing management education both in Corporate and Rural sectors that aims at creating original and innovative thinkers who would think, create, manage and transform organizations that would result in transformation of society and nation. Hence, we make constant and concerted efforts in upgrading Curriculum that is relevant, imparting ethical orientation that would bring about the fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility and formation of men and women for others.

We also strive to form highly committed and competent faculty through faculty development programs, participation in National and International Conferences and promotion of research and publications. In short, we at XIDAS believe in giving our best to the nation building through highly and competent faculty as well as through highly motivated and achievement-driven student force.

God Bless.

Dr. Fr. James Santhanam, S.J.


XIDAS 2016